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nt to ens▓ure a peaceful and clean outer space and guarantee that its space activities benefit the whole of mankind.- Open development. China persists in combining independence and s▓elf-reliance with opening to the outside world and international cooperation. It actively engages in international exchanges and coop

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n Wechat'+sli.text()+'China vows to become a leading power in Science & TechnologyChina vows to become a leading power in Science & TechnologyChina vows to become a leading power in Science & Technology06-02-2016 15:04 BJTBy Re▓n Junhua, p

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rofessor and doctorial tutor with the Party▓ School of the CPC Central CommitteeBejing hosted three top-level science conferences on May 30 that would boost China to become a leading global power in science and technology.The conferences are t

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he National Confere▓nce on Science and Technology, Biennial Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and National Congress of the China Association ▓for Science and Technology, which are expected to

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  • founding of the People's Republic of China and especially since the reform and opening up in 1978, Beijing has made remarkable sci-tech achievements. China's sci-tech development has set the foundation for the nation to become a global influential power. Chines▓e scientists have made numerous advances in: the mult▓icomplex function theory, theory of continental origin of oil, synthetic bov

  • ine insulin, high temperatur▓e superconductor, neutrino astrophysics, quantum anomalous Hall effect, nanotechnology, stem cell research, early▓ diagnosis of tumor marker, human genomic sequencing, the "atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and artificial satellite", super hybrid rice, Chinese laser phototypesetting, ▓high-performance computer, Three Gorges Project, manned sp▓ace flight, lunar exploration

  • program, mobile communi▓cation, quantum communication, Beidou Navigation System, manned deep-sea submarine, high-speed railway, and aircraft carrier and much more.China has emerged as the world's second largest economy with social productivity, nati▓onal strength, and scientific and technological strength stepping onto a new platform.Yet, China struggles with bottlenecks in certain fields


of science and te▓chnology, while innovative capabilities remain relativel▓y weak

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. Materials are the basis for manufacturing, but China is still behind in the research and productivity ▓of advanced high-end materials and

relies on exports. In the drugs market, foreign-fund companies have accounted for major percentage of global patents. Additionall▓y

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for high-end medical equipment, China remains dependent on external factors, which have led to high costs on medical treatment.The problem

of unbalanced development of China continues to prevail with soaring pressures of over-population, scarcity of natural resources, and

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environmental problems. There's an urgent need in every fie▓ld to transform a factor-driven pattern to an inno▓vation-driven one. A sci-t

ech revolution is gaining momentum in the world. Some significant technological innovations ▓are creating new industries and commercial

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